Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Lord is my shepherd(if shepherd = pimp)

About a month ago, I had to drive up to Wisconsin and spend a few hours inside a church. While I was there I saw two kinds of hymnal books; one that looked like every other hymnal I had seen in any other church I had ever gone to while the other was quite unique. Curious, I grabbed one from a pew and opened it up.

While seeing such self deprecating language is neither new nor particularly shocking, the cover of this book puts everything in a different perspective.

That's right folks, statements such as "I am not good enough for [Jesus] to come to me." are being spoken by children before they're to participate in communion.

I invite theists of all stripes to help me understand how a child that is being given information like that from trusted individuals at such an early age allows for the child to have a fair and objective shot at making unbiased decisions on spirituality or lack thereof.

Just a thought: The overwhelming majority of people that ever accepted the premise that supernatural beings could exist were children.

The Unicorn has spoken.


  1. Nice blog man, heard you on AE

  2. Hey man, couldn't agree with you more ............. especially about the sheppard and the Pimp comment. Heard it as well on the AE. Also, nice to know there are other African American Atheists

  3. My bad; I didn't spell "shephard" correctly!

  4. This book is horrific. If there were books that should be burned, this would surely come near the top of the list.

    I am currently producing an atheist web site. With your permission may I reproduce these pictures on my site? Naturally I would give a link to your blog showing where I obtained them.


  5. Send me your e-mail address so we can talk about that.

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