Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Mighty Fine Day to Return...

Allow me to start off by saying I'm not superstitious or anything that could fit into that category, but I have an affinity for things that seem to link up in one way or another. My very first post here was on September 11th of 2008 but I haven't really done anything here since then. I've been working on myself, and fighting an internal battle that will come to light when the time is right. With today being a very important day, and the day of my first post also being signifigant, I thought what better way to really get a fresh start than to coincide with the day the America made change. For a dollar. (I say, I say, thassa joke son!)

Speaking of change, I saw something this morning that reminded me that even though we are on the dawn of a new day, there are things that still need to be addressed. Watch the video below.