Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Beginning of Atheism for Beginners

Although this is the inaugural set of thoughts for what I consider to be a blog about Atheism, I believe it will inevitably lead down many paths which may or may not be related to Atheism. Hopefully they will be interesting enough to capture an audience.  I am quite new at this and have never had any interest in blogging before. I guess this is the part where I give you the backstory. Here goes...

I've never been a "believer". I mean, I've done the church thing and the praying thing (mostly in bad times) but outside of that I never gave it a moment of my time. Something just seemed inherently wrong about the way religion worked. It felt like the ultimate bribe/threat. So my life was what it was. Ignoring God till I needed "him" (him being some form of comfort), then discarding "him" as quickly as I had taken "him". That all ended a few months ago during one of my youtube sessions when I found  a video of a brilliant gentleman by the name of Richard Dawkins talking about evolution. Clip after clip, more information was being given to me that made all the things I've always thought deep down make more sense than ever before! Rational thinking in the face and against the grain of popular thought? Unapologetic use of logic? This man was an obvious rogue, not afraid to proclaim as proudly as any theist his stance on the matter. So what did I do? I took notes. 

This being an introduction to me, I'll allow this page to be just that. In parting, I would like theists as well as atheists to know that all opinions will be heard so long as they are brought to the table with a purpose. If you believe something someone says or does makes them a coward, you have the right to say so. Personal attacks for the sake of stoking the flames will not be tolerated. The Invisible Pink Unicorn has spoken.